25 content marketing stats from 2013

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25 useful content marketing stats from 2013Stiles Says: Content is cheaper than traditional, and effective, but the biggest challenge is getting content made.  You haven’t hired the right people.

The Bullets:
*91% of B2B marketers engage in different methods of content marketing, compared to 86% of B2C marketers.
*A top reason people follow brands on social is engaging content.
*58% of consumers trust editorial content.
*Many companies still haven’t adapted to marketing to mobile, 45% rely solely on desktop devices.
*Traditional marketing costs 62% more than content marketing.
*Positive ROI for overall inbound efforts has been reported by 82% of marketers who blog daily.
*63% of companies say posting valuable content on social increased their overall marketing effectiveness.
*Creating original content was seen as the biggest challenge for 69% of content marketers in 2013.



As marketers, we know that content is critical to creating successful campaigns and building your business. Content marketing has hit an all-time high and it has become a necessity for businesses trying to connect with a relevant audience. It’s a difficult but also a rewarding task that requires a mixed approach of business and editorial insights to work effectively. Marketers need to begin to understand that content is the engine of social media and it provides brands with new and exciting things to communicate to their followers. However, by creating and marketing original content from a specific expertise, viewpoint and industry, businesses can start to work to get their message ahead of the rush and in front of the right target of people.

Here, we have pulled together 25 handy content marketing stats that could aid your company in your future content marketing strategies for 2013:

1. Digital advertisement spending passed the $100 billion mark for the first time last year and it is estimated that it will increase further in 2013 by another 15.1%, reaching an incredible $118.4 billion.2. 91% of B2B marketers are engaging in different methods of content marketing, compared to a smaller 86% of B2C marketers.3. Per month, B2B companies are generating leads worth 67% more by blogging.4. Distributing content via social media has risen to 87% by the use of B2B marketers.5. 68% of consumers will spend time reading content from a brand that they are interested in.6. In order to achieve their brand awareness goals, 79% of B2B marketers use content marketing strategies.7. An outstanding 94% of articles that contain images get more views from consumers.8. One of the top 3 reasons that people follow brands on social media is based on engaging content.9. 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared throughout each day.10. 58% of consumers trust editorial content.11. Many companies still havn’t adapted to marketing to mobile devices, with 45% relying solely on desktop devices.12. Traditional marketing costs 62% more than content marketing techniques.
13. On average, B2C marketers use 3 different social media sites to distribute their content, whereas B2B marketers use 5.14. 84% of B2C marketers rely on social media to drive their content marketing.15. A significantly lower cost-per-lead has been reported by businesses that spend 50% of their lead generation budget on inbound marketing.16. The main metrics that content marketers use are: unique visitors; (88%), page views per visitor; (76%) and total page views; (71%).17. Measuring the number of unique visitors as a main metric to understand consumers content sharing is used by 88% of marketers.18. The human brain transmits 90% of information in a visual format.19. If your business page includes video material, viewers are likely to spend 100% more time looking through them.20. 76% of respondents acknowledge that videos in emails generate very high click-through rates.21. Positive ROI for overall inbound efforts has been reported by 82% of marketers who blog on a daily basis.22. Blogs are ahead of Google+, forums, online magazines, brand sites, Twitter and Pinterest, being the 5th-most trustworthy source overall for online information.23. Magazines are 63% less likely to influence purchase decisions than blogs.24. 63% of companies say posting valuable content on social media has increased their overall marketing effectiveness.25. Creating original content was seen as the biggest challenge for 69% of content marketers in 2013.

The brands that continue to see incredible results are those that use content marketing to differentiate themselves by creating new materials and striving to generate content that is too good for consumers to turn away from. Companies need to clearly define their values, use their unique voices and interact with various distribution channels to ensure that every piece of content that they create fits in with their personal brand story. Visual content is hugely popular now and by focusing on delivering blogs, infographics, videos and other quality visuals brands can reach out to those visual learners and digital consumers. Whether you are striving for more traffic, lead generation, or improved SEO, the answer is always going to be focus on your content. After all, if you produce and share fantastically useful content, your audience will be more likely to become customers, remain customers, and send even more customers your way. Have you come across any interesting marketing stats that could influence our methods of content this year? We would be delighted to share them if you have.

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