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The Podcast Explosion is Coming, and the Big Boys See It

What do you do if you think podcasting is just a charming little community of enthusiasts, not unlike ham radio, that isn’t growing? You ignore your podcast app; treat it like a novelty. Now what do you do when you … Continue reading

4 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working on Social Media

2013 was the year of changes for digital marketing.  We saw major shifts in the algorithms for Facebook and Google as well as developments in almost all other social media networks. Fundamentally, we are now forced to change from “hunting” down potential customers to “farming” and cultivating them until […]

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12 Maneuvers for Your Twitter Content Strategy

12 Most Clever Maneuvers for Your Twitter Content Strategy I wrote not too long ago about how to use Google Analytics for your content strategy. I decided to turn that same train of thought to other arenas like social networking. It isn’t always as easy as it looks to […]

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Facebook Penalizing “Low Quality” Content

penalty Often times this means posting viral photos (including memes) & updates that are completely off topic, but engaging. The idea is to get tons of engagement on these posts, increase Edgerank, & ensure your other posts (for example, link posts that drive traffic to your website) get seen […]

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Why You Don’t Need A Content Marketing Agency in 2014

If you arrived here from Google, the chances are you want to get your hands on the latest content marketing news. You have probably consumed more ebooks, blog posts, videos, webcasts and infographics about content marketing over the last couple of years than you ever thought was possible. You […]

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New York Times Will Feature Branded Content

Photo: Randy Duchaine/Alamy. A cursory flip through any glossy will reveal a wealth of advertorial pages — like skin-care tips from a beauty brand, for example. At this point, that’s par for the course in magazines — on digital platforms, too, including our own. In fact, at R29, we’ve […]

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Trigger an Emotion and Your Content Gets Shared

Current Articles |   RSS Feed Trigger an emotion and your content gets shared and retweeted t zusje tivoli Millions of people are connected via a diversity of social media. This digital connectivity makes it possible for a news item to spread fast or even go viral. But since […]

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Content Marketing the Google Hummingbird Way

While Hummingbird has been much discussed , not many people understand it yet, or appreciate its benefits because it isn’t an obvious feature of Google search. If you want to try it, go to Google on your smartphone and click on the microphone to activate a voice search. For […]

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10 Content Marketing Statistics Every B2B Marketer Should Know in 2014

Content-Marketing Creating relevant, valuable content continues to be a top priority for B2B marketers in 2013 as they look to connect with qualified prospects. New social media features and platforms seem to constantly spring up, which can cause a bit of confusion for marketers determining where to concentrate their […]

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Why We’re Setting the Bar Way Too High in the Content Marketing Industry

setting the bar too high If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed . Thanks for visiting! As I was drifting in cyberspace the other day, I came across a Google + comment that went something like this: “I’m sick and tired of seeing […]

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