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Mike Stiles Brand Content StudiosMy question for brand and brand leaders is always, “What’s your show?”

You have the ability to be a publisher, video and audio producer now.  You’ve probably already established those distribution channels.  But are you consistently filling those pipelines with content?

Most likely you’re campaign-driven.  Meaning the only time you use those channels is when it’s time for you to push something.  Ick.  You should be building an authentic audience with a cadence of entertainment and information content they value, so that when you do want to push something, a trusting and receptive audience is already there.

I have a history of putting on successful shows; radio shows, video series, stage shows, podcasts and blogs.  These are “always on” campaigns that get customers and prospects in a habit of consuming your content.  I’ve done that for Oracle and I want to be the journalist and entertainer that does it for you.

I want to make your brand’s leaders the stars of these shows by ghostwriting blogs/articles for them and conducting regular interviews with them for video and audio content assets.  If your leaders would rather remain hidden, I can still create shows in your brand’s representative voice.

So do you have a show?  Or is it still inconsistent, random white papers, blogs and one-off videos?  There’s a lot of power in making stuff people love and want.  Let’s chat about it.  I’m not coy about the packages I offer or pricing.

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