Let Me Explain Myself

Mike Stiles Brand Content StudiosI was the first man to walk on Uranus.  Prove me wrong.  I wrote what would have been the biggest selling novel in American literature, but I forgot where I put it.  I taught Mick Jagger how to prance.  I have the cures for diseases that don’t exist.  And sex?  Well let’s just say I’m one of them.


Mostly, I create stuff that wasn’t there before.  That’s called content. 


Don’t be afraid.  Content is a good thing.  Your customers are waiting to see what you’re going to give them, because brands now have a 24/7 global stage.  But you have to put something on it.


Oh, and the content should be good.  It should entertain, inform, or provide value.  People can smell pushy advertising a mile away and will avoid it, and you.  If you aren’t presenting content, you’re falling off radars.


I dimension-hop between two worlds that are mingling more than ever, entertainment and brand marketing.  I’ve done news & entertainment across all platforms, then shifted to content management for a major social technology platform startup that was acquired by an even more major global technology company.


So my question is…what’s your show?  Brand Content Studios wants you to experience the power of making stuff people like and want.  For instance, how about a daily (M-F), original branded :90 podcast for your industry requiring ZERO workload on your current staff, and for less than the cost of one low-end FT employee?  Now THAT is how you feed a social & digital pipeline.  

We should probably chat about that.

mike@mikestiles.com          @mikestiles

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