Feb 07

Kim ZolchiakA stomach virus hit passengers and crew on a Princess Cruise Lines ship sailing from south FL.  The Norovirus causes vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain.  And the crew is even trained to resist such things using Kim Zolchiak’s CD.
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Keebler ElfA family out gathering mushrooms huddled lost near an OR forest for 6 days.  The couple and their 25-year-old son drank from streams and took shelter in a hollowed-out tree.  They stayed in the tree believing elves there would bake fudge-striped cookies and feed them.
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stoningA NC woman read the Bible to her attacker for an hour and a half after he slashed her throat.  He listened to the verses carefully, apologized and left.  Sadly, having been given other ideas from the Bible, the man later returned and stoned her.
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Helen ThomasA study by Match.com found that self-described single, conservative Republicans are more likely to achieve orgasm during sex than any other political persuasion.  Naturally, because liberal Democrats feel a sense of entitlement to an orgasm.
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wrestlerA Newark man died after a tussle with a former high school wrestler he tried to rob of his cell phone.  He was put in a headlock strong enough it choked him to death.  No charges were filed, because in all fairness, the robber never tapped out.
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