Feb 28

bin Laden statuePakistan is done demolishing the 3-story compound where bin Laden was killed, erasing an embarrassing chapter in their history.  They plan to turn it into a park where they will hide a statue of bin Laden.
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mosquitoAerial drones are in demand by cops, border patrols, news organizations and others.  There are concerns about them crashing, but if one hits somebody in Louisiana they’ll just assume it was a normal sized mosquito.
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bandits22 Carnival Cruise Lines passengers were robbed during a shore excursion in Puerto Vallarta.  Maybe they can come up with a pirate-themed cruise where passengers get to steal from the locals.
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David PalmerA SC man was charged with insurance fraud after he and a friend cut another man’s hand off with a pole saw and got over $670,000.  ”You’re in Severed Hands with Allstate.”
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Kevin FederlineKevin Federline says he hopes that to keep them grounded, sons Sean Preston and Jayden James will work at McDonalds when they’re 16.  Plus that will allow them to spend a lot more time with dad.
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