Nov 29

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pepper sprayCustomers getting pepper-sprayed, looters, blood in the aisles, and death.  That was Black Friday in America.  Probably not such a good idea to make pepper-spray one of the doorbuster items.
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Magic 8 BallObama upset some folks by eliminating God from his Thanksgiving-themed weekly Internet address.  He said his family was “reflecting on how lucky we are.”  Which leads many to believe he makes decisions using one of those Magic 8-Balls.
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TwitterKansas’ Governor squealed on an 18-year-old girl who tweeted during a state capitol visit.  She had to write letters of apology.  The worst part was the letters had to be longer than 140 characters.
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dead birdAuthor Barbara Walsh sugarcoats nothing in her children’s book “Sammy in the Sky,” which is intended to help kids deal with the death of a pet.  This is the follow-up to her earlier book, “Oh Well, Time to Flush Tweetie.”
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Paris HiltonParis Hilton did her part to help the economy by buying a 2012 California Spyder Ferrari worth $300,000.  She also has 2 Bentleys, a Lexus LFA, a hybrid Escalade and a Range Rover.  It’s getting so it’s hard to know which vehicle to get busted for cocaine possession in Vegas in.
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Check out Mike’s alter ego, white, middle-aged suburban rapper Notorious D-A-D in his full length CD “Bumpin’ in the Burbs”!


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