Apr 26

Hunger GamesA new survey of young people shows that while they think Obama is going to win in November, he isn’t nearly as popular with them as he used to be.  Guess he should have taken that role in “The Hunger Games” he was offered.
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chessGOP IA Sen. Chuck Grassley wonders if the prostitutes in the Secret Service scandal were Russian spies.  He said, “Russians are famous for that to get information.”  They’re also famous for kicking our ass at chess, but that doesn’t mean we have to be paranoid about it.
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The ThinkerA think tank says Maine is the most peaceful state, and Louisiana is the least.  Think tanks regularly seek out the most peaceful states so they can think.
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flamethrowerA VA man and his wife are recovering after he accidentally shot himself and her during a firearms safety class.  That’s especially bad news since their flamethrower safety class is next week.
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Rocky MarcianoRosie O’Donnell says Lindsay Lohan is not capable of playing Liz Taylor in her biopic.  Hey, nobody said bad things about Rosie when she was up to star as boxer Rocky Marciano in his biopic.
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