Apr 19

GSAThe Secret Service officials accused of misconduct in Colombia bragged about working for Obama, drank expensive whiskey and ordered the most expensive prostitutes available.  Where do they think they work, the GSA?
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tortoiseNewt Gingrich got bit by a penguin at the Saint Louis Zoo.  In 1995, he was bitten on the chin by a baby cougar.  If he wants to stop getting bit by animals, he needs to stop referring to himself as the tortoise in this race.
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Daphne Selfe83-year-old model Daphne Selfe is still working.  She started back in the 1950’s when you could wear fur and smoke.  At that age, you’re looking for a casting couch just so you can get off your feet.
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NFLLast year, almost 1,800 people renounced their US citizenship, a record number.  You renounce your American citizenship, of course, by publicly stating you don’t like football.
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Cops“The Bachelor” is getting sued by 2 black plaintiffs who were pulled aside and left out of the normal audition process.  Even more insulting, they sent them down the hall to audition for “Cops.”
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