Apr 18

Feeding Tube DietBrides can drop a quick 20 lbs. in a crash diet involving a feeding tube up their nose for 10 days.  They’re fed a drip of protein and fat mixed with water.  And it’s always exciting to see which bridesmaid catches the IV bag.
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Dorito TacoNorth Korea’s new leader addressed his nation for the first time, vowing to place top priority on their military.  While he shares dad’s desire to build up the military, he’s mostly doing it so they can invade and get Doritos Loco Tacos from Taco Bell.
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Iron ManDisney will co-produce the next “Iron Man” movie with a Chinese partner.  Chinese audiences love the character because they fantasize about ripping him apart to sell as scrap metal and feed their family for a month.
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Kim KardashianAn announcement was made that no one was murdered in El Salvador Saturday!  It was the first homicide-free day in nearly 3 years.  That would be like us being able to announce a Kardashian went 24 hours without screwing an athlete.
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pterodactylA sleepy Air Canada pilot mistook Venus for an aircraft and sent his airliner diving toward the Atlantic to avoid it.  Not since he thought a moth was a pterodactyl brought back through time had he taken such dramatic evasive actions.
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