Mar 28

bunny rabbitHerman Cain’s new ad has a little girl flinging a bunny into the air with a catapult, where a man blasts it with a shotgun to show the frailty of small business.  After it aired, 5 women came forward claiming the rabbit hit on them at a convention.
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Dee-LiteAfter meeting with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, Obama was caught on mic saying he’d have “more flexibility” to deal with missile defense after he’s re-elected.  Reporters also caught the two men singing Dee-Lite’s “Groove is in the Heart” on karaoke when they walked in.
(The Real Story), a dating site just for farmers, has over 200,000 subscribers.  It’s a big help to singles in sparsely populated areas.  And a bigger help to animals who get nervous every time a lonely farm boy heads their way.
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handshakeAn unemployed Austrian man sawed his foot off, apparently to avoid being found fit to go back to work.  The irony is, he’s a hand model and must report to work immediately.
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old coupleSpace Station astronauts had to jump into emergency escape pods due to the threat of space junk that missed by just 9 miles.  If you live within 9 miles of your parents, you know just how close that is.
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Check out Mike’s alter ego, white, middle-aged suburban rapper Notorious D-A-D in his full length CD “Bumpin’ in the Burbs”!


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