Mar 03

roller coasterA London theme park will debut a new winged coaster, even though test runs resulted in test dummies getting their arms and legs ripped off.  Fighter pilots describe it as “gut-wrenching.”  Maybe our roller coasters should be unmanned like our aerial drones.
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girdleThe last madam of the TX brothel that inspired “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” died at 84.  Edna Chadwell started in 1952 and was never ashamed of what she did.  Except for that one time in 1964 when her girdle snapped and the buckle put a patron’s eye out.
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Levi JohnstonBristol Palin is the subject of a Lifetime reality series.  “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp” will explore the pressures of raising her son, Tripp.  Hey that’s better than the show Tripp’s dad got on Spike, “Levi Johnston: Life is Tearing Tickets at a Movie Theater.”
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Veggie TalesStudents in London are using biodegradable materials to make luxury items.  There are stilettos made from pistachio shells, and clothes made of orange peel and fungi.  The good news is, even if you can’t get anywhere with a woman, her clothes will rot off if you wait long enough.
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Rick SantorumAn Albuquerque man successfully registered his dog to vote.  He made up a birth date, a social security number, and had a voter registration card in his hand in 2 weeks.  Wait ‘til the dog learns how opposed to spaying and neutering Rick Santorum is.
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Check out Mike’s alter ego, white, middle-aged suburban rapper Notorious D-A-D in his full length CD “Bumpin’ in the Burbs”!


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