Feb 29

marine homecoming kissCritics are speaking out against a photo of a young gay Marine’s homecoming kiss that went viral.  They really need to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe nobody ever taught them how to high-five or chest-bump.
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Heather MillsAngelina Jolie’s right leg has spawned its own Twitter account, and it’s an instant hit.  A Twitter account was also set up for Paul McCartney ex Heather Mills’ leg, but it was fake.
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dogJapanese scientists think they know how dogs can walk barefoot in the snow.  Warm blood heats the cold blood caused from the cold surface before returning it to the dog’s heart.  I thought it was just because they can’t properly lace up boots.
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heated car seatDocs say heated seats can lead to a skin condition called Toasted Skin Syndrome.  It’s a rash caused by prolonged exposure to a warm temperature.  Computers and heating pads can also do it.  And, if she’s any good at what she does, a lap dancer.
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Christina AguileraAdam Levine says when “The Voice” first started, he didn’t even know who Blake Shelton was.  And he only knew Christina Aguilera as “that mouseketeer who went rogue when she got breasts.”
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