Feb 24

Obama fiddlingBarack Obama sang again, this time during a concert featuring blues all-stars.  The President sang “Sweet Home Chicago.”  Hey, Nero fiddled while Rome burned…we just happen to have a singer.
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Jon LovitzRick Santorum stood by comments he made in 2008 about Satan attacking the US, warning the “Father of Lies” has his sights set on us.  Wow, he’s sure being rough on that balloon boy hoax dad.
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oceanScientists discovered a new type of alien planet, a steamy water world larger than Earth but smaller than Uranus.  What would they invade us with, Super Soakers?
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Black SwanThere’s a booming business now in high-end pawn shops for people who are rich, but who have bad credit.  Customers include hedge-fund managers, bankers, lawyers, doctors and Oscar winners.  Wow, times sure got tough when it was announced there wouldn’t be a “Black Swan 2.”
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Osama bin LadenYazeed Mohammed Abunayyan made trouble on a Continental flight from Portland to Houston, singing about bin Laden and his hatred of women.  Yazeed’s tunes included “I’m Jihad and I Know It,” and “Moves Like Osama.”
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Biggest LoserNearly all remaining contestants on “Biggest Loser” walked off the show after a “twist” they say could hurt their shot at the money.  Producers were bringing back previous contestants.  Well, did they at least power walk out on the show?
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