Feb 01

droneIraqi officials expressed outrage at the ongoing US use of drones in the Iraqi skies.  Mostly because they think it’s tacky they pull banners behind them advertising seafood buffets.
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coffee filterA CA company’s Stay Warm line of cold-weather clothing is made from recycled coffee beans.  They also make baby clothing out of it, but nobody ever wants to change the filter.
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coachAn IA woman gave birth to a 13 lbs. and 13 oz boy with no surgery or epidural.  Only 1/10 of 1% of all newborns weigh over 11 pounds at birth.  High school recruiters pacing in the waiting room congratulated her on the delivery.
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George WashingtonAfter George Washington died in 1799, his family nearly took an offer from a doc who thought he could bring him back to life.  He was going to use blankets, an air pump and lamb’s blood.  Which is also what Conrad Murray had on hand to treat Michael Jackson.
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Billy CundiffFor all the promise and buzz, analysts say the public is taking a ho-hum view of 3D televisions.  Buyers don’t see it as a “necessity,” and no matter how many dimensions you look at it, the Ravens’ Billy Cundiff really did miss that field goal.
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