Jan 19

dolphinMine-detecting dolphins may be our best way to keep the Strait of Hormuz near Iran open.  When they find a mine, they drop off a floating marker.  Of course it’s hard to do that in secret because they also like to leap out of the water and ring a bell.
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lap deskFake iPad 2s made of modeling clay were recently sold at stores in Vancouver.  The stores responded by trying to sell disappointed customers lap desks so the clay wouldn’t stain their pants during usage.
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Ryan SeacrestResearchers in Egypt found the tomb of an ancient superstar.  A singer for the deity Amun-Ra, the Sun God of ancient Egypt, she’s considered the Lady Ga Ga of her day.  Coincidentally, Lady Ga Ga sings for Ryan Seacrest, the sun God of Los Angeles.
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Paula DeenPaula Deen is not apologizing for waiting 3 years to disclose she has Type 2 diabetes.  She’ll now be paid to endorse a diabetes drug.  Which she will prepare by soaking in butter, wrapping in raw cookie dough, and swallowing whole with a chaser of half-n-half.
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astronautThe US pledged to join an EU-led effort to develop a space “code of conduct.”  Rule 1: If the space food makes you gassy, you have to stay in the airlock for at least 3 hours.
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