Nov 21

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wooden duckA watchdog group put out its list of the worst children’s toys.  It includes a “Samurai Mega Blade,” a Godzilla with dagger-like attachments, even a wooden duck whose string could strangle somebody.  Especially if the kid is given a wooden duck for Christmas instead of the PS3 they wanted.
(The Real Story)


Sean PennThe Vatican will take legal action to stop Benetton ads showing the Pope kissing an imam on the mouth.  They also have Obama kissing Hugo Chavez on the mouth.  And everyone knows only Sean Penn has really done that.
(The Real Story)


clarinetAmy Winehouse had written all the songs that were to appear on her 3rd album.  But her plans were to release a jazz album first.  The first jazz song was going to be “Hey This Clarinet Makes a Good Swizzle Stick.”
(The Real Story)


turkeyA college lacrosse player in RI was busted for killing a rabbit with a hockey stick and using the body as a puck.  He was released and will be allowed to go home to NY for Thanksgiving…for the family’s traditional smashing of a live turkey with a croquet mallet.
(The Real Story)


justin bieberDemi Moore will divorce Ashton Kutcher after 6 years, strongly suggesting it’s because Ashton cheated.  In September, a woman claimed she had unprotected sex with him in San Diego…thinking he was Justin Bieber.
(The Real Story)


Check out Mike’s alter ego, white, middle-aged suburban rapper Notorious D-A-D in his full length CD “Bumpin’ in the Burbs”!


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